Monday, November 7, 2016

Where has time gone?

Eric is finally home after a long couple of weeks between Providence St. Vincent and Providence Portland Medical Centers.

The decision was made to do an Ileostomy last week and place an Ostomy to avoid future bowel movements. The radiation and chemotherapy have caused breakdown in his bottom and the pain has required IV dilaudid to keep it under control.

Treatment is now complete, although it still remains active in his system for about 6 weeks.  We are anticipating his next surgery to be in January 2017.

His job now is to recover, follow a new diet and hopefully return to work before Thanksgiving.
He has asked that if you wish to visit, you let him know ahead of time.

I leave Wed morning for St. Louis and will return Sunday night. I'm working to prep some meals for him tomorrow ... making a list tonight!

Thanks for your continued prayers.

Marissa and Eric

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